Insanely fun ziplining on Camano Island, Washington

Insanely fun ziplining on Camano Island, Washington
Step off a platform for the thrill of a lifetime

By:  Linda Kissam

Hold on tight, step out, lean back, take a deep breath and pull into a ball to get enough momentum to get you across. Just go…whatever gets you through the day… screaming, shrieking, hooting or doing a Tarzan yell. What am I talking about? Ziplining of course! Where am I talking about? Canopy Northwest Tours located on Camano Island, Washington.

Who knew when Alfred Kristoferson bought his farm back in 1912, he would proving thrills and chills 100 years later for thousands of visitors. Brave ones, meek ones, thrill seeking ones, grandmas, teens and everyone in between. Twelve months a year.

Driving your car up a long road a century-old barn greets you. Park. Go inside, pay your fee and get ready for the slide of your life.

Time to adjust your attitude for a great adventure and get ready to become “one” with the dark green woods you are about to fly over. Zip between trees, riding on steel cables. Guests are outfitted with harnesses, helmets, lanyards. The trolleys easily and smoothly roll along the cables. There’s some walking involved between the zip lines. You will learn about the local nature and wildlife and the rich history of the land.  The two walks are a part of the magic and a definite part of your experience with Canopy Tours Northwest.  The longest one is around 5 minutes. The terrain is not difficult; participants walk on groomed forest trails. Back on the zip line your view is just as spectacular as you can imagine – maybe more.

Your guide makes it easy

Wear seasonally appropriate, comfortable clothing. You will be spending 2-3 hours outdoors in the cool Northwest. Even in the warmer months, the owners, “…recommend closed-toe shoes and you should wear garments you can comfortably wear a harness over. Remember you will be zipping through the canopy of trees so tie back long hair and don’t wear anything too loose fitting.”

Some let go and leave their fear on the platform.  For others, it takes a bit longer to understand you are in excellent hands. Professional guides will make your ride memorable and safe. Breathe in, breathe out. Know that on a clear day, there no better way to take in the mountain views.

You can feel confidant all lines have been installed so you are already slowing down as you approach the end platform. Guide-operated braking systems assist in bringing you to a nice, controlled stop as you reach the end of the line. Your guide will then get you ready for your next zip.  Just relax and enjoy the ride.

There are six zips including a 660 footer, the state’s 2nd longest. It’s an adventure, one of those exceptional extreme activities grandparents can do with their grand kids. It challenges the mind, body and soul.  The ticket price (see below) includes: 6 zip lines (the longest is 660 feet), A log bridge, 2 short trail walks, A 47-foot final descent (The constant velocity device does the work so you float down smoothly). About 2.5 hours of slick exhilaration.

Ziplining is an adrenaline-charged ride for the average thrill-seeker, sure, but it also tests physical fitness. Some consider it an extreme activity, others see it as one of their bucket list items. Although it’s a great way to work your abs and core, the less toned participant can also fly right through it.

Many guests look forward to a big thrill, others show up with a little bit of apprehension baggage. All reports lead us to believe everyone is able to go successfully through the course. Some anticipate the thrill, others need to push themselves a bit. 99% come off with a big ol’ smile, invigorated and viewing themselves a little differently than when they parked their car. You can’t beat that.

Linda on Whidbey Island


Canopy Tours Northwest

Canopy Tours Northwest is the winner of “Best Zipline” in Evening’s 2016 and 2017 Best Northwest Escapes viewer’s poll.

332 NE Camano Dr.
Camano Island, WA  98282
Twitter: @CanopyToursNW

Weight range is 65lb – 300lb and guests 12 years old and under must be accompanied by an adult.

For additional information  WHIDBEY AND CAMANO ISLAND TOURISM 

Prices (subject to change without notice)

Adults (13+): $103
Youth (12 and under): $65
Group Pricing Available



Note: As is common in the travel review industry, Linda was provided  information and activities for the purpose of review. It has not influenced this review.

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