This summer’s number one treat

IMG_8018[1]_600Godiva, well known for their expressive chocolates in golden boxes, introduces its newest summer hand made treats including the BRAND NEW Raspberry & Rose Chocolixir, Summer Berry Cones, and the Lemon Meringue Trufflelata.

Who knew Godiva had decadent soft serve ice cream served in blinged up cones, tasty smoothie type milkshake type drinks and a chocolate berry concoction worth every upscale calorie?

I was asked to check the summer yum lineup out by the Godiva PR team.  Lucky me, there is a Godiva store in Southcenter Mall near SeaTac Airport. I am telling you, the 26 minute drive from my Seattle home was well worth it.  I am pretty sure they will be seeing a whole lot more of me.

IMG_8023[1]_600Their new offerings are perfect as promised. A refreshing pick-me-up, definitely served up in Godiva style featuring a swank décor, professional well trained employees (that’s Mike, my guide through extraordinary Godiva treat land)  and…wait for it…in house chocolatiers making fresh summer treats every day.  That’s a WOW for me.

Here’s what to try.

Raspberry & Rose Chocolixir: As image001GODIVA continues to celebrate their 90th Anniversary, they have launched a limited edition 90th Anniversary Chocolixir, which highlights the delicious flavors of the newest GODIVA piece, the Egerie Noir; a contemporary creation of the smoothest raspberry ganache, delicately balanced with essence of rose petals and encased in rich, dark Belgian chocolate.  Loved it all the way to the very last sip.

Summer Berry Cones: This is only image005semi indulgent because  it includes fruit.  It’s a new hand dipped  cone filled with chocolate dipped berries. Your choice of strawberries, blueberries, or blackberries. Mix and match whichever berries fulfill your desire for a fresh treat in these made-to-order cones.  Yup. Watch them made just how you want.

Lemon Meringue Trufflelata: Think image003zesty milkshake.  The combination of rich GODIVA chocolate and the tang of a sweet lemon is to say the least, memorable. The chocolate flavor is not prominent.


Soft Serve: Really?  Soft serve in a image004Godiva store?  OMG yes. This was my favorite of the tasting.  Get the swirl of two flavors  nestled in a  blinged up waffle cone. It’s a delectable twist of both white chocolate vanilla bean, and dark chocolate is topped with sweet raspberry sauce and fun sprinkles. It doesn’t get any cooler than that.  Make SURE you eat all the way to the end.  There are yummy surprises in each bite allllllllll the way to the end.  A true masterpiece fit for any ice cream aficionado.

Here’s where to find a store near you:

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