Why doggie daycare is an important port stop for your boat dog

Why Doggy Day Care
is an Important Port Stop for your Boat Dog

The idea behind bringing a dog on board your boat probably sounds ideal. Wagging tails, sloppy kisses and never-ending companionship are just three of the benefits that comes to mind. But that’s what YOU get out of it…what about your pet?

In general most dogs like going anywhere with their owners. They’re social beings needing love support and socialization from their owners. Some dogs do well on short boat runs, some do fine on long runs.  There are plenty of articles out there telling you how to get your dog to acclimate to its boating experience. This isn’t one of them.

This article is the first in a series of what to do when traveling with your dog on your boat. It will focus on what things you can do with your dog when you are in port.

Dogs need much more exercise and socializing opportunities than they get traveling on a boat. Doggie daycare is the perfect solution.

Before coming into port, look up, “Doggie Daycare” for the city you will be docking in. I think you’ll be surprised how many options you have to choose from. Surprisingly – and who knew- it’s the “in” thing to do right now amongst the boating community.

Many vets suggest no more than two days at a daycare facility within a seven day period. Your dog will come home tired and happy. Remember, your dog is not you.  They live differently and have very different needs. The really cool thing about dogs is that they are very good adapters and can figure out how to live comfortably among us – IF we take care of their basic canine needs.

Both pet and owner love doggie daycare. It may seem unnecessary to some, but dog people know that doggie daycare has a multitude of advantages. Here’s my three top reasons to give it a go, while you’re on the go.

  1. It’s a great solution to doggie boredom. Many dogs lack stimulation, sufficient outlets for their energy, or opportunities to socialize with other dogs while sailing the ocean blue. Daycare provides dogs with play times throughout the day to express normal doggy behavior. They have the opportunity to meet and play with new dogs and learn how to properly socialize and interact with other dogs. Naturally, day cares run differently. Some provide dogs access to each other all day long for endless play while others have set play times and playgroups for the dogs. Ask before you place your dog.
  2. Ever try taking your dog for a walk at a port stop? The facilities can be less than pet friendly and owners can be uncomfortable monitoring dogs that approach them. Owners aren’t familiar with what is appropriate and what is dangerous. A professional  daycare has the proper facility to provide a quality experience and experienced staff that have the training to interpret dog body language to ensure all the dogs are comfortable.
  3. Your dog can safely romp and stretch its legs while you restock your boat, visit the port you are in, or eat a quiet off-boat lunch with your significant other. No trying to figure out if a shop or restaurant will allow your dog. No tying your dog to a lamp post while you go get a latte or donut hoping your BFF will still be where you left her.

Doggie Daycare helps you keep your dog active & healthy. Running, playing, and getting a good workout with friends is a superb way to keep pets in good physical and mental condition. A healthier dog means a happier dog. All in all, doggie daycare is good for your pet and for you. Doggie Daycare is a win-win option.

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